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We are part of the ThinkRecycle group. We've setup a bin at school to collect cell phones and printer cartridges.

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group photo of the volunteer wine and cheese event, May 25th (principal Mitchell, far right)




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Research has shown that children do better at school when their parents are involved in their education. I encourage our parents to find a way to contribute to their child’s class to whatever extent that you are capable. They will thank you in the end. This website contains important information and news about our school. Please feel free to contact the office if you have any questions or concerns.

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French Immersion Program with approximately 85% instruction in French from Kindergarten to Cycle 1/Year 2 (formerly Grades K-1-2) and approximately 50% instruction in French and 50% in English from Cycle 2/Year 1 to Cycle 3/Year 2 (formerly Grades 3-4-5-6).





We offer a music program as well as a creative arts program. Physical education and various collaborative and out-of-classroom activities figure prominently in our approach to educating our students. Our building is surrounded by both asphalted and grass covered areas and is adjacent to a public park which consists of playfields a basketball practice court and play equipment.


We provide lunch time supervision, childcare services before and after school as well as a Pre-Kindergarten program.


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