Governing Board - Overview

The governing board's role is to represent the school community and, in keeping with the students' best interests, to take certain decisions regarding the school. Parents and staff have an equal number of seats to which they elect their representatives. Two community representatives are appointed by the elected representatives but do not have a vote. The principal participates in the meetings but doesn't vote.
The governing board adopts the school's educational project and its budget. It also considers and approves the principal's proposals on such issues as educational services, various policies, field trips, use of the facility and the school success plan. It may also establish services for the community and set a cost for such services. It makes public the school's educational project and success plan and informs the community on the quality of the services provided and on the evaluation of the success plan.
The governing board must also be consulted by the school board and may advise the board on any issue likely to facilitate the operation of the school and to improve the services provided by the school board.

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